Symphonic Sounds

Aura River in my hometown Turku has during the last few weeks, sounded as it used to  – at least  momentarily:   sounds of ships horns and signal devices have returned.

I have been recording sound samples for Aura River Symphony.  Currently I am charting and recording the typhons and other devices so that I would get an idea how they sound and how loud will they be. And also the echos and reverberations of buildings and the river valley. Next I´m testing the church bells.

Then there is always the weather which makes it very difficult to  know how everything will actually sound:  moisture, fog, wind, not to mention the snow – they all change the acoustics dramatically.

Read more about Aura River Symphony from Turku 2011 magazine, a story by Elina Teerijoki: Symphonic Sounds of River Aura

I am working with three projects simultaneously during the year 2010.


international sound art exhibition in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova 10.9.-31.10 2010.

I am curating the international sound art exhibition together with Tuike Alitalo and amanuensis Silja Lehtonen from the Ars Nova museum. I am also exhibiting my own work as part of Klangi. It is called Lincolnshire Sketches and is based on my second ongoing project of this year – Charter of the Forest.

Carta de Foresta – Charter of the Forest

residence and environmental recording project in Lincolnshire, East Midlands, UK, in co-operation with Collection, Lincoln.

First part of the residence was accomplished in April 2010 when I did a lot of environmental field recordings in Chambers Farm Woods. The exceptional and surprising part of the residence was the possibility to record in the woods six days after the Ash Thursday (15.4.2010) when there was no airplanes (except few in the last days).

I am back to Chamber Farm Woods for ten days in the beginning of the July. During this period I am also organizing sound walks for local people, adults and children, in the woods together with my partner and assistant Tuike Alitalo. I am also giving an artist talk at the University of Lincoln Fine Art department.

I am planning to return to Lincoln and Chamber Farm Woods for one more time this year – perhaps in late september to listen how autumn comes to the woods.

More about Charter of the Forest a document that is in display at Lincoln Castle and is one of the inspirations for my research in Lincoln – here.

Turku is Listening 2011

is a sound art project about the City of Turku.  It is part of  the cultural program of the Turku 2011 Cultural Capital of Europe. The organizer of the event or series of events is The Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology .

As part of this project Turku 2011 Foundation has commissioned me to produce a project called Aura River Symphony : Aura River Symphony

There will also be sound walks, workshops etc during next fall and the spring 2011. I have also done recordings of Turku environment during the last winter and spring trying to document the church bells of Turku. These recordings will be part of the Turku Listening Map,  one part of Turku is Listening.

Recording Turku and researching the soundscapes  in March 2010 on Vartiovuori Hill.

Chambers Farm Woods, Lincolnshire Lincoln, Lincolnshire

International Artist in Residence

read more: here