Kuuluma is a sound art project that combines practices and methods of communal art and artistic research. Our aim is to open a space for culture of listening and to study and chart Finnish soundscapes with different methods.

As a communal art project we hope to recruit local communities to start observing and recording sounds and soundscapes of their own life-world. Our tools of engagement include recording workshops, soundwalks, web-based listening maps and sound art workshops. Besides different installations and sound works we plan to publish our results as a series of listening maps that hopefully continue to evolve after the project is over. An additional feature we bring into sound/listening maps is a temporal dimension that gives users the opportunity to compare the developement of certain soundscapes over the years. The prototype of this map is currently online http://www.turkukuuntelee.fi

As artistic research project we hope to study how to foreground the implicit knowledge inhbitants have of their acoustic life-worlds. How to empower citzens to communicate their understanding and concerns about their acoustic surroundings with each others.

The Finnish translation of a soundscape is “äänimaisema” which literally means sound landscape. Although this term has some important implicit meanings like the senses of space and foreground, middle ground and background it falls short in some important aspects. It implicitely brings forth ideas related to landscape painting and aesthetics which we find problematic. Therefore we hope coin a term into Finnish language: “kuuluma”. It was introduced in 1928 by ornithologist Jussi Seppä in his book Luonnon löytöjä. We think that kuuluma as something that is given to sense of hearing is more neutral than current term “äänimaisema”.

Simo Alitalo tells about the project in YLE interview (in Finnish)



The River Aura Symphony in May 2011:

First documentation of River Aura Symphony in May 20211 is out now.

Carta de Ausculto:

Binaural documentation of Carta de Ausculto at Collection Museum in Lincoln UK can be listened at following link:

Carta de Ausculto – charter of listening

The River Aura Symphony that was heard at the opening of Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 is performed again 5:30 PM on Friday the 27th of May. Performance of River Aura Symphony takes place on the banks of River Aura from Martin´s Bridge to Forum Marinum

River Aura Symphony is a sound composition by Simo Alitalo for River Aura Valley, shiphorns, black powder cannon and church bells. In the second perfomance ships horns are assisted by 100 brass, wind and percussion players conducted by Pessi Parviainen.

Kulttuuripääkaupunkivuoden avajaisissa kuultu Aurajokisinfonia esitetään uudelleen Jokisataman avajaisissa Perjantaina 27.5. klo 17:30 alkaen Martin sillan ja Forum Marinumin välisellä alueella.

Aurajokisinfonia on Simo Alitalon ääniteos Aurajokilaakson akustiikalle, laivojen tyfooneille, mustaruutitykille, kirkonkelloille. Tässä esityksessä alusten tyfooneja avustavat Pessi Parviaisen johtamat satakunta Turun ja lähiseudun  puhallin- ja lyömäsoittajaa.

Carta de Ausculto/ Charter of Listening by Simo Alitalo is in the Charter of the Forest exhibition in The Collection museum in Lincoln, UK 28.5 – 4.9.2011. Carta de Ausculto was commissioned by The Collection & Linconshire County Council.

Carta de Ausculto is 16 channel sound installation. It is a documentary of the acoustic ecology of Lincolnshire limewood forests before, during, and after the “Ash Thursday” (15.4.2010) when North European airspace was closed for airtraffic.
The sound material for Carta de ausculto was collected during the months of April, July and October 2010.

Simo Alitalon tilausteos Carta de Ausculto/ Charter of Listening on esillä The Charter of the Forest  -näyttelyssä The Collection -museossa Lincolnissa, Britanniassa 28.5 – 4.9.2011.

Carta de Ausculto on 16-kanavainen ääni-installaatio. Se dokumentoi Lincolnshiren lehmusmetsien akustista ekologia “Tuhkatorstain” (15.5.2010) jälkeisen lentokiellon aikana sekä sitä ennen ja jälkeen. Teoksen äänimateriaali on tallennettu huhti-, heinä- ja lokakuussa vuonna 2010.

Carta de Ausculto – Charter of Listening

at Charter of The Forest  – all things forest, Contemporary and Historical Art

at The Collection & Usher Gallery,Lincoln, England


binaural documentation of the installation can be listened at soundcloud.

Aura River Symphony

next performance 27th of May  2011 in Turku: Aura River Symphony